LED Lighting, Supply and Installation


All of our products are IPART approved and locally NATA tested.

  • Why LED? – LED lighting consumes less electricity and in turn can significantly reduce your electricity bill.  LED lights are also far more durable and have superior longevity qualities along with being more environmentally friendly due to containing no mercury.  By simply switching to LED lighting, you can contribute to a greener, cleaner, cheaper future.
  • Go green – CES can supply and install your LED lighting solutions ensuring 100% compliance with Australian standards.  We are the main distributor for a unique LED lighting solution and one of only three approved providers across Australia.
  • Advice on government carbon initiatives and laws – information is constantly being updated and changed – it’s up to you to stay on top and provide your business with cost saving and up to date information – link to news page.
  • Calculate your savings – click here to find out how much you can save by using LED lighting including carbon emissions.

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