"Energy, like you, has no beginning and no end. It can never be destroyed. It is only ever shifting states." Panache Desai

Standards and Accreditations

All works undertaken by CES comply with the relevant Australia Standards including:


AS2293 - Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings

AS3760 - In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment

AS/NZ 4801- Safety Management Systems

ISO 14001 - Environment Management Systems

ISO 9001 - Quality Management

AS3760 - In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment

AS3017 - Electrical installations

AS3820 - Essential safety requirements for electrical equipment

AS/NZS 3190:2011 - Approval and test specification - residual current devices


Member of Green Building Council of Australia: www.gbca.org.au

Authorised facilitator for Flourcycle product program as approved by the Lighting Council of Australia: www.fluorocycle.org.au


We understand how important it is for the buildings you manage to run efficiently at all times and if you do well in this area, we do well.  We can help you achieve this by:


  • Delivering preventative and scheduled electrical maintenance services – fast and efficiently
  • Providing expertise to satisfy all your electrical contracting needs – this could be a current improvement project or the electrical and data management of a complex facility
  • Responding to emergency situations and ensuring proper installation and testing of equipment – these initiatives can be lifesaving and vital to your success

CES staff are continually trained in the latest techniques and technologies and services include:


  • Electrical contracting – rewires, new installations, switching to energy saving lighting or simply adding more power sockets, we can make sure that your electrical infrastructure is safe, legal and continuously fit for purpose
  • Electrical testing – from comprehensive wiring tests of entire buildings to the small tests on electrical appliances and safety switches, CES will ensure you are covered
  • Data cabling – whether it’s a new structured installation, an upgrade, replacement or extension, we’ll work with you to minimise any disruption – and work out-of-hours if needed
  • Emergency systems – Proper installation and annual testing of this equipment could be life-saving.  We can also help with security, fire alarm, exit lighting and CCTV systems as required.
  • Network maintenance – ongoing preventative and scheduled maintenance programs to ensure problems are identified before they impact on your team and facilities.  We can also look after your network hardware, supply and ensure smooth installation.
  • Thermal imaging – CES provides infrared images of switchboards to clearly locate any faults.  Infrared inspections are one of the most cost-effective predictive maintenance tools available.  The cost of a thorough inspection will be paid for many times by the elimination of just one failure.
  • Fibre optic – CES can help you install the latest systems and solutions